Considerations Before Applying

While we strive to make room for all qualified applicants, space at the summer school is often limited. Before you apply, consider the following:

Participants should be present for the entirety of the summer school, from the beginning of activities on Monday, August 28 through to the afternoon of Friday, September 1.
A firm cost for event is still being determined, pending additional funding. Current estimates that include registration fees, lodging, and food are in the range of €600 – €810. A firmer price structure will be announced before participants are expected to commit. Participants must fund their own travel and lodging. Once it is available, see the lodging page for information about lodging and travel arrangements.
This is not a "first steps with MESA" event. Participants are expected to
  • Have MESA installed on a laptop or have remote access to a machine that does.
  • Be able to edit source files
  • Have a basic familiarity with the command line
  • Know how to run basic MESA simulations using inlists.
Additionally, participants will be making extensive use of Fortran to extend MESA. Participants need not be Fortran experts, but they should know some basic coding techniques as they apply to any modern language such as control flow and loops.
For undergraduate and graduate students, we will reach out to your supervisor to confirm that you meet the availability, funding, and preparedness requirements. Make sure you have your supervisor's permission before applying.
The MESA Summer School attracts participants from around the globe. Additionally, participants range in age and occupation from high school student to tenured faculty (with the majority being graduate students and postdocs). The wide variety of cultures, backgrounds, and academic statuses makes the need for an explicit code of conduct absolutely essential. Please review our code of conduct before applying.
We will abide by whatever Covid-19 policies are in effect in Hungary at the time of the summer school. At present, no masks are required, and there is no vaccination requirement.

Applications are closed as of March 21, 2023.